Interesting Sex facts that will blow your mind!  Mar 05, 2016

Our body is one of the most mysterious things and everyone hope that they could know everything about it. Sex is one of the most common physical activities that people take part in, yet, there are so many things that still surprise people. These interesting facts will blow your mind!

Male sperm is resilient - Male sperm on entering woman’s vagina can live in her upper genital tract for a period of 4-5 days! If the spend stays alive inside, it can even result in fertilizing the egg. This surprisingly resilient sperm, once ejaculated outside can only live up to few hours though. This is why one should always wear a condom before hitting it off with an escort from Boardroom Escorts!

Sex can stimulate pain threshold


Believe it or not, sex and pain can be correlated. If the pleasure one is getting from sex is so much that it arouses the person to a level where it can increase the pain threshold significantly. In women, this can go beyond if they experience an orgasm where the body can block pain by releasing hormones which increase the pain threshold.

Sex is a billion dollar business


Huge amount of money is spent by people who either buy pornography or sex toys online. In countries where the escort business is legal there amount spend on Sydney VIP escort is even more. Thus, there is a big chance of people who are on the internet spend a lot of money on things related to sex.

The science behind peeing after sex


One of the most common things people do after having sex is that they go to pee. They often find it difficult to pee because our body releases anti-diuretic hormone which makes it difficult to pee directly after sex. Doctors always advice to continue this as peeing can help prevent urinary tract infection.

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